Wine routes of Northern Greece

The “Wine routes of Northern Greece” is one of the pioneering activities “of the “Wines of Northern Greece”“  and as a result wine tourism in Macedonia is more organized than anywhere else. It is a network of wine tourismthat provides wine lovers with suggestions that include visits to wineries, food, activities and the introduction to local products and producers.People who love their land and especially the land where they cultivate their vineyards, which are mainly small family businesses and they welcome visitors that discover the colors and the aroma of Katerini through wine and varieties.



The wine routes in Katerini are dressed in the colors of nature, with images generously offered to the visitor.The wineries are not in competition with each other according to the owners, as most of them are friends making it easier to work together and create the network “Visit Olympus Wineries” which consists of Karasimos estate, Kourti Estate, Pantouli Winery, Chrysostomou Estate and Nadir Winery. When you pay a visit to these estates, wine tasting is combined with local products that are considered “ambassadors” of gastronomy, where the black pig meat of the Fotiadis farm holds a high position.