Traditional Village

Built at an altitude of 500 meters on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, Old Panteleimon is not only a “balcony with a view”, but also a traditional stone-built settlement that you should not miss to visit and get lost in the cobblestones of time. You will find similar images in Old Poros, in Platamonas with its imposing castle, in Old Skotina with picturesque churches and beautiful nature trails, but also in Petra tou Olympos with an important attraction, the old monastery of the 11th century. Στο Ελατοχώρι μπορείτε να δείτε τη φύση να οργιάζει, σε έναν τόπο που έχει αναδειχτεί σε δημοφιλές χειμερινό προορισμό, χάρη στο χιονοδρομικό του κέντρο.



Do not miss visiting Dion, 30 kilometers south of Katerinis, combining it with a visit to the ruins of the homonymous holy city of the ancient Macedonians, which flourished from the 5th BC. until the 5th AD century. King Archelaus made the city an important spiritual and cultural center, on a par with Delphi and Olympia, while Alexander the Great started his campaign to Asia from there. In the antiquities you will admire the impressive mosaic of Dionysus, one of the largest ancient mosaics in Greece.