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Huge imposing black rocks seem to have fallen from the sky and nailed to the earth, in one of the most impressive geological parks in the world. Monasteries were built on top of them, where hermit monks live. One of the most important natural attractions of Greece, is located in Thessaly, in the town of Kalambaka Trikala, 2 hours away from YAKINTHOS HOTEL. Take part in an organized hiking tour or explore the walking routes on your own, visit the monasteries and if you are a climbing lover enjoy the experience in one of the most famous climbing fields in the world.


Less than an hour away is Vergina, the most important archaeological site in Macedonia and one of the most important in Greece. The area, which has been excavated since the 19th century, brought to light the capital of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, while in 1977 the archaeological dig revealed the untouched tomb of the iconic King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. The visitor is in awe as he enters the burial mound, facing the royal tombs, as well as the impressive exhibits, most notably the golden altar carved with the Sun of Vergina and the king’s elaborate all-gold crown. In the new Polycentric Museum of Goats, the visitor feels like entering a “time capsule” and becoming part of history, with a combination of archaeological findings and modern audio-visual media. The opportunity is not lost!


The second largest city of Greece, economic center of Northern Greece and the wider region, is located just 70 kilometers from Katerini and the YAKINTHOS HOTEL. Thessaloniki, named after Alexander the Great’s sister, was founded by her husband, Kassandros, the general’s successor. Today it is a modern metropolis, with a population of 1,000,000 inhabitants, where one finds evidence of a 2,300-year-old history – Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman – coexisting with modern infrastructure, department stores and shopping centers, museums and other attractions. The beach front of the city, more than 5 kilometers long, is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.