Walk In The Center Of The Beach

Paralia is located in the center of the Prefecture of Pieria and belongs administratively to the Municipality of Katerini. It is 8 km away from the city of Katerini and its main church is Agia Fotini. The homonymous Municipal District has a settlement, with 1,476 inhabitants.It is connected to the Olympic Coast with an illuminated promenade, a parallel cycle lane and a pedestrian street for night walks and unforgettable mornings. Due to its privileged location, Paralia has developed into an important pole of attraction for tourists, with hotels, entertainment and leisure centers and more.



Also, the exceptionally extensive sandy beach and the proximity to the main road and railway axis of the country have contributed to the development of Paralia.The walk in Loutropoli will fascinate you! It is a lively place where you will find cafes overlooking the blue waters of Pieria Coast, restaurants and beautiful taverns where you can enjoy seafood and traditional, local and Macedonian cuisine. As for its famous market, it is spread along the entire length of the beach and the surrounding streets. It has traditional shops with local products, shopping malls and a wide variety of fur shops with affordable prices and bargains. The nightlife, especially during the summer months, is lively and offers entertainment for all tastes.