Sea Getaway

Against the background of the beautiful landscapes of Katerini, and of course Olympus, the mountain of the gods, majestically dominating, the beaches of the prefecture of Pieria have their own beauty and their own character. 70 km of continuous coastline, from the wetland of Aliakmonas (at the northern end of Pieria) to Neos Poros (at the southern end), make Pieria an amazing destination for those who love a seaside vacation.Paralia is the closest coast to the city of Katerini and it has a great length of kilometers.



In addition, Paralia, which has been awarded the Blue Flag for many years, is not by chance one of the most popular destinations. The access is easy, the sandy beach is endless, the waters are crystal clear and the facilities are abundant, making Paralia a very popular destination, both for Greeks and for many foreign tourists.The beautiful beach, its infrastructure, the abundance of accommodation and the lively night life attract many tourists who can combine seaside holidays with entertainment.