Exploring Olympus

Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide mainly for its mythological associations, as at its peak (Mytikas, altitude 2,918 meters) lived the Twelve “Olympian” Gods according to the religion of ancient Greeks.Olympus covers an area of 500 square kilometers. As a result it “embraces” many areas and small villages at its foot.



Some of them are: Paleos Panteleimonas, Skotina, Paleoi Poroi, Agios Dimitrios, Litochoro, Petra Olympou, Livadi Olympou and Olympiada belonging to the Prefecture of Pieria while Karya and Kokkinopilos belong to the Prefecture of Larisa.Olympus, a beautiful monument of nature and a universal symbol, can offer valuable moments of relaxation, peacefulness and serenity.You can enjoy a walk on its green paths, admire its magnificent waterfalls and appreciate its history, through visits to historic Monasteries and chapels.