Platamonas is built at the foot of Olympus and the clear blue waters of the Aegean lie in front of its coast. Among the characteristics of the area are the rich vegetation with plane trees, the springs with clean drinking water and its beaches. Being a primary tourist destination during the summer months, it hosts a large number of visitors to the numerous hotels and many categories of rooms for rent but it also has organized campsites. There are many stores for your shopping, as well as many shops with folk art items.

Restaurants, seafood taverns, snack bars and many other eating places offer a variety of flavors to the visitors. Numerous cafe-bars, canteens, clubs and discos cater for your entertainment and nightlife.

Platamonas’ beach is the landmark of the area. Its shores extend from Neoi Poroi, to Agios Panteleimon and combine pebbles and sand with lush vegetation. All beaches are organized, with beach bars and cafes while they are also awarded with a blue flag for the purity of the waters. You can also anchor your small boats at the port. The easy access to different areas, makes Platamonas, an ideal starting point for exploring and enjoying the exceptional natural beauty attractions of the area.

The area is inextricably linked to the beauty and history of the monumental Castle of Platamonas.

Η περιοχή, είναι άρρηκτα δεμένη με την ομορφιά και την ιστορία του επιβλητικού Κάστρου του Πλαταμώνα.

The Venetian Castle is an outstanding historical monument, a "trademark" of the area and one of the most important sights of the prefecture.

Built in a strategic position, it dominates space and time. It is preserved in very good condition as maintenance and restoration work has been done recently and is easily accessible on foot.

The illumination of the Castle at night adds to the prestige of the scenery and, during the summers, theatrical performances, music concerts and other cultural events take place within the framework of the Olympus Festival.

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